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Welcome to the new dawn of...


Homeboy Music has laid dormant for many years.


It was originally created to present the music of  Norman Howard, lost genius of the trumpet.


In the twenty-first century it would be better if there was no need for such an amateurish non-profit (in fact loss) making enterprise. However, how else to praise and promote the music of some of the lesser known but hugely gifted jazz artists?


Exponents of the new music, free jazz, avant-garde, the new thing, ecstatic music, call it what you will, but still music that follows on naturally from Charlie Parker, Hank Mobley, Booker Ervin and the whole of the jazz tradition.


So welcome to the new dawn of Homeboy Music and the new and old sounds of some astonishing musicians.

Joe Rigby and Arthur Doyle are no longer with us, but their music lives on.
Read their stories and those of the great trumpeters Ted Daniel, very much still alive, and Earl Cross."

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